Pinion Setting Tool Instructions

This tool is designed to work with aftermarket gears that have the checking distance marked on the pinion head.  It does not work with oem. gears which do not contain the checking distance info.

  1. Clean and remove any burrs or paint from the top of the pinion head.
  2. Mount the head bearing on to the pinion shaft and install in the housing without the pinion seal or crush sleeve.  Tighten the pinion nut enough to take up the slack in the bearings.
  3. Place the pinion setting tool on top of the pinion head with the slot end of the tool in the carrier bearing journal.  (fig. 3,4,5)  The end of the tool will rest against the end of axle tube surface.
  4. With the tool being held by your left hand firmly against the top of the pinion head and the slotted end touching the face of the axle tube, insert the dial caliper with your right hand into the slot and position the depth rod so it touches the bottom of the carrier bearing journal. (fig. 6)
  5. Take the measurement from the dial caliper and subtract it from the dimension printed on the tool.  The answer is the current checking distance of the pinion gear.  Add the appropriate amount of shims to arrive at the number marked on the end of the pinion gear by the manufacturer.


Click here for Pinion Setting Tool Diagram  

*How to* Calculate Checking Distance for Gears that do not have the number etched on the pinion head.









Part Number   Description   ***Click on Part Number to Order***

10002                8.2 Chevrolet (64-72) Rear Cover

10014                8.2 Chevrolet (55-64) Drop out center section

10003                7.5/7.625 GM

10004                8.5 GM  (1970-1997) carrier brg. LM501314

10008                8.5/8.625 GM (1998-up) carrier brg. LM603012

10005                12 Bolt GM (auto) (1965-72)

10010                12 Bolt GM (truck)

10006                 Ford  8.8  1983-2014 *will work for installing Ford OEM. or Ford SVT gear sets.(see note below)

10013                 Ford 9"  (2.891 and 3.062 brg, sizes)

10007                 8.75 Chrysler

10012                 Dana 35

10011                 Dana 44 (1967 -  2006 ) does not work on high pinion front axles

10009                 Dana 60 does not work on high pinion front axles


******  As an engineer, I appreciate how you guys have come up with such a simple tool to replace thousand-dollar super complicated pinion depth tools. I was very excited when I found that you guys had an easy answer for taking the "black magic" out of pinion depth measurements for the average person. Even the fancy Rotuda pinion depth tools the dealer uses assume a published dimension for the housing, right? So even if their $2500 tool is the most accurate and repeatable thing ever, there will still be error induced from the housing deviating from the published values? It seems silly to use such outrageously expensive tools if the measurement is really only as good as the housing.

****** The tool looked surprisingly simple, yet, it appeared to accomplish the task, so, I ordered it, and had it sent to his house. When he finally got the opportunity to use it, he was truly amazed by the way it worked and he got the tooth contact pattern "dead-nuts" on the first try. This weekend, the third member was installed and the car road tested. I'm happy to report that the gears have never been quieter, and he is extremely happy with your product.
Thanks again for your speedy delivery and manufacturing such a well designed product.